Salzburg hospitality in its sixth generation

The history of the Hotel Friesacher

In 1515, the present hotel and restaurant Friesacher in Anif was first mentioned, at that time a tavern was located at the present site which eventually passed into the possession of the Friesacher family in 1846.  Since 1989, the Hotel Restaurant Friesacher has been run by the sixth generation, Sabine and Michael Friesacher.
With their children Elizabeth, Michael and Verena there is already a seventh generation of hosts. The Friesacher business also includes a large farm, which still provides the excellent ingredients for the award-winning cuisine at the restaurant

Further establishments run by the family Friesacher are nearby: the restaurant, the Friesacher Heuriger (a Wine Tavern), the Friesacher Einkehr (an Inn) and the Friesacher Stadl (a unique party-location) are just around the corner and invite you to relax and enjoy.