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Salzburg night life

We make tradition danceable. Our bartenders mix you the best drinks, you dance to the current beats, interesting acquaintances arise and the nights get longer and longer. Sounds good? Then stop by!

Top Location, Top Events

With special events, different top resident DJs and various themed evenings, we want to offer everyone something special. In our varied weekly program everyone will find an event that suits them.
Not only is the program and the quality of the drinks special with us, the atmosphere is also unique: in 2021 our barn was completely rebuilt and offers even more space for long nights.

Anifer cocktail art
Drinking pleasure in the Friesacher Stadl

Our bartenders at the Friesacher Stadl will mix you the best drinks, and they will also have an open ear for unusual cocktail requests. We have special offers especially for the chosen drivers of the evening: good and, above all, light drinks that (consumed in moderation) can be easily combined with driving. But we also have many exotic and traditional drinks to choose from for the party lions and queens.

Das Parkett von Anif
Tanzen im Hotel Friesacher

Das Tanzbein schwingen, übers Parkett schweben, auf Wolken wirbeln – Tanzen, und vor allem das Paartanzen, macht Spaß und bringt Leichtigkeit ins Leben. Weil Feiern, gute Laune und Leichtigkeit zusammenspielen, wollen wir euch all das bieten: In unserem Tanzkurs lernt ihr, eure Beine beschwingt und elegant übers Parkett zu bewegen. Andere Interessen? Kein Problem. In unserem Wochenprogramm findet ihr viele unterschiedliche Events, und immer wieder gibt es auch besondere Veranstaltungen im Stadl.

High Life in Anif
Events in the Friesacher Stadl

So that life is and remains colorful, we offer you many different events and a varied weekly program. From Mardi Gras to Halloween, from Christmas to midsummer – all of these opportunities are used to prepare unforgettable evenings for you. The location is decorated, the bartenders dressed up and the party music turned up – and the top-class event can begin.

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